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Flexible Working

Wouldn't life be simpler if you or your employees had the freedom to work remotely or flexibly from anywhere: in the office, at home, on the train, at a hotel or in a cafe?

With flexible / mobile working employees and managers can remotely access their files, folders and emails as if they were sitting at their desks, keeping your company moving regardless of their location or the weather.

Mobile working means that sales people working at customer's sites can be in constant contact. The result of this is that you can get instant responses to queries and access to the most up-to-date information. Now, instead of having to type up notes or update the database on their return to the office, staff can enter information directly onto the system. Likewise, with the additional information available to them, they can offer a more complete service to clients.

Benefits to your business

  • Business as usual regardless of the weather
  • Access and update corporate information over the internet using a standard web browser
  • Real-time access to central order tracking systems day or night from cafes, hotels or from a mobile
  • Access all files, folders and applications from branches at different geographical locations with the knowledge that all information is safe from internet threats

At Tecnica we can give you and your employees this freedom, by managing an environment in which files, folders and emails can be accessed and updated by all employees, any time, anywhere. This remote access gives your business the ability to work flexibly, saving valuable time and money as well as further streamlining communications within your business environment.


BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is the next step in the consumerization of IT, referring to the increasing trend of employees bringing their own computing devices to work. Devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and even computers are brought with employees to be used in the workplace, usually through a secure corporate network. These employee-owned computing devices can be used instead of or in addition to company supplied technology. The rise in workforce mobilisation enhances employee productivity and satisfaction; however it does come with its own unique security risks if not managed properly.

When employee-owned devices are connected to a corporate network, they have access to masses of company data. Mobile device management, referred to as MDM, is a type of security software which deals with securing, monitoring and managing mobile devices in the workplace. MDM ensures the security of sensitive corporate data, and is emerging as an essential business process - as opposed to purely an insurance policy.

When considering mobility solutions, Tecnica found that most companies are looking for:

  • Security – Policies and restrictions need to be set up that only allow authorised users to access corporate apps and data, keeping this information safe is vital to organisational security.
  • User Experience – Users need to have easy access to all their corporate apps/resources anywhere on any device with a rich, consistent experience.
  • Simple Management – An integrated solution is needed to deploy all types of apps, provision accounts and manage access and usage policies.

Tecnica provide an end-to-end multiplatform device and data-centric security approach that will truly make a difference to the security of your mobile working practices.

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