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IT Support and Managed Services

Tecnica are a leading System integration specialist operating throughout Scotland, providing high quality IT Support and Managed Services. We offer a wide range of professional IT Services and Solutions and are certified partners with Microsoft, VMware, and Citrix as well as a number of leading Vendors.

Choosing the right IT supplier can have a huge impact on the functionality of your business. At Tecnica, we ensure we understand your individual business goals. Utilising this information combined with expertise we leverage technology providing Consultancy, Structured Managed IT Support Services and Solutions as well as Integration including the provision of hardware and Software, all optimised for your business needs. Hence our slogan, “Technology Translated”.

IT Consultancy, Procurement, Implementation and Support

Support Helpdesk Providing a Rapid Response Service

Software Licensing and Support

Proactive Support

System Monitoring

Security - Detect, Protect, Respond

Email Security Services

Tecnica offer a range of services including but not limited to; Proactive IT Support and Consultancy, Server Infrastructure, Virtualisation, Cloud Services, Storage Solutions, IT Security, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

Tecnica use extensive technical knowledge and experience to assess your current IT infrastructure and determine the most efficient and effective solutions for your business. We can help identify the strengths and weaknesses of your IT environment and suggest changes that can be implemented to improve the functionality of your business while keeping budgetary constraints a top priority.

Tecnica are partners in transforming your IT services to suit your business development and vastly improve your business functionality, ensuring minimal disruption to business operations and zero downtime. Our Managed IT Support and Services operate with full transparency, meaning no nasty surprises such as hidden costs and extras.

If your organisation operates with an in-house IT team, then we can either assist on a full-time basis or with specific projects and developments. Where there is not an in-house IT team, Tecnica can provide fully managed outsourced IT support and services. Our team of professional certified engineers proactively monitor and support your IT Infrastructure .

Tecnica operate a responsive dedicated Support Helpdesk, easily contactable to assist you with any questions or problems facing your IT infrastructure, providing peace of mind knowing that all of your IT needs are being catered for by experienced professionals.

We have first-hand experience of discovering what state IT infrastructure and systems can be in, with customers completely unaware as to the chaos behind the scenes. Changing IT Support providers can seem like a huge upheaval to your business, but the disturbance can vary greatly depending on the provider you select. At Tecnica, we create a seamless transaction period with little to no disturbance to your business operations. Furthermore, support calls are drastically reduced after implementation of our services, giving our customers more time to focus on business growth rather than limitations.

"Tecnica Support guarantees Professional and Collaborative partnership with a consolidated Strong and Secure IT Infrastructure."

Think IT Support is non-essential to your Business?

In today’s fast paced hi-tech world Businesses rely heavily on their IT network to remain competitive and to function productively with even the smallest problems having an adverse economic effect. Because IT has become the life blood of Businesses, flexible and professional IT support has become a fundamental requirement.

Some Businesses think IT support is not essential to their business or may put them at risk. Ask yourself these questions...

  • Could your business function if something as critical as your email stopped working?
  • Would your business be able to recover quickly should a malicious email corrupt your data?
  • What if your laptop or computer got stolen or just stopped working, could you still access your files?
  • If a file is accidentally overwritten could you ‘turn back time’ and retrieve yesterday’s version?
  • Do you spend too much time waiting on your computer systems to respond and work as they should?

With business system solutions from Tecnica you could eliminate all these issues and more, allowing you to get on with commercial activities important to you!

Our customers see us as an extension of their business, a trusted partner with a level of knowledge, expertise and flexibility that surpasses their expectations. With customers of all sizes in the private and public sector Tecnica are committed to first class support services.

Tecnica - Technology Translated

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