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IT Security

Tecnica Managed Security - Detect, Protect, Respond

Keeping your IT systems safe and secure can be a complex task which requires time, resources and specialist knowledge. As modern day business relies on mobile and flexible working for most of their functionality they need to secure their data on the move and in the office. Attackers target any Size or Type of organisation, small, medium and large businesses are constantly at risk! All systems require Secure Configuration, Access control, Malware protection, Patch management and software updates.

Firewalls and anti-virus/anti-malware solutions remain the most popular endpoint security functionality among businesses. But staying ahead of potential attackers is imperative, and that means finding an innovative solution with the best mix of protection, performance and usability. Tecnica partner with the a number of leading Security Vendor solutions and have the knowledge, expertise and skills to help manage your Business Security and Risk.

Tecnica can offer Email Security Services - Block spam, viruses and email-borne threats. Monitor email content, filter inbound/outbound emails. The recommended approach is to use a set of security controls that complement each other but will require ongoing support in order to maintain an appropriate level of security. We are here to provide expert advice on firewalls, malware prevention, application security, hacking, endpoint protection, and security strategy all optimized to suit your individual business security and risk requirements.

Cyber Security

Cyber-attacks are a concern for any organisation and therefore should not be ignored. Cyber protection has to be balanced against perceived risk as it can be an expensive exercise to fund and resource. Tecnica are well versed in IT security and can offer a vast array of prevention tools. The five most common cyber-attacks faced by SMEs are:

  • phishing - gaining sensitive information while posing as a trustworthy contact
  • ransomware – encrypting data and extort a ransom to release an unlock code
  • insider threat – deliberate or careless leaking of documents
  • hacking – targeting SMEs to gain valuable information e.g. bank account, credit card details
  • data leakage – portable storage devices being targets for data thieves.

First and foremost you must be able to recognise these threats and raise awareness, ensuring quality IT security without breaking the bank. Part of our IT steering strategy is to offer such guidance covering end to end protection.

Reduce Vulnerabilities - Optimise Security

1. Implement a solid data backup plan

2. Ensure secure browser settings are enforced

3. Keep current response plan updated

Result : Remote access is secured, vulnerabilities are reduced and cyberthreats are effectively diminished

Within our security portfolio we provide the following security measures in alignment with UK Cyber Security certification strategy 2016 and perceived EU data protection policy 2018 to defend against malicious exploitation.

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