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Data Management

Companies of all shapes and sizes have one thing in common: They create data and in most cases lots of it, including customer information, product specifications and accounting files. The creation of data comes with the challenge of protecting that data from accidental deletions and disasters and complying with regulatory requirements for long-term retention.

Data Backup

Data Backup technologies provide effective recovery options for mission critical systems subject to data loss from human error, hardware failure or major natural disasters. They are ideally suited for quick restoration of recently stored data and can return complete systems to full capacity in a short period of time. Data Backup and replication strategies create duplicate replicas of your data on a daily basis, which is fine if your only aim is to store this data for a short period of time, however, if you require storing data over several months / years then using backup for this requirement may require data archiving.


Data archives are often confused with data backup, which are copies of data. Data backup is used to restore data in case it is corrupted or destroyed. In contrast, data archiving offloads older data that is not needed every day onto large capacity silos freeing primary storage for frequently accessed data. Consider the scenario of being asked to find a series of three-year-old emails from a former employee for a legal matter. The chances of your backups containing this information would be slim to none, as most backups are continuously overwritten over a period of weeks or months. Archiving removes a single instance of the information from an environment to a storage system which is more conducive for long-term retention therefore affording you the ability to retrieve historic information confidently and easily.

Big Data

Many companies are implementing virtualisation to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Virtualisation helps consolidate servers, improve hardware utilisation and reduce the consumption of power and physical space in the datacenter. However, it creates a whole new level of management complexity and presents challenges in data protection, storage, and network consumption and manageability. As servers and workloads continue to consolidate into virtual stacks, effective data protection and recovery remain an ongoing challenge.

The amount of data being stored, administered, and protected by organisations has exploded over the years, and the current forecast for data growth is estimated at between 50/60% pa. While the cost of storage media is getting cheaper, the cost to manage storage is growing and valuable resources are being diverted to control and administer storage growth, and power and cooling demands are draining budgets. One of the primary reasons for these issues is the continued creation of unmanaged, stale, personal and/or duplicate data.

Converged storage solutions from Tecnica deliver dramatic operational efficiencies, unsurpassed performance, all managed from a single console. With support for wide range of Operating Systems and applications, Tecnica can give you a solution that will allow for efficient data access, high availability, fast backup and recovery to deliver DRBC assurances, with minimal intervention and administration.

call our Datacenter on 01383 722757 to discuss your Data Backup and Archiving requirements; we’ll tailor the solution to meet your business requirements ensuring your data is safely stored in our Fife-based datacenter for short term and long term recovery.

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